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Pride House at Winter Olympics

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News media as diverse as the New York Times and the Bay Area Reporter have taken note of the Pride House which is planned for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The Times article reports, “Pride House is believed to be the first such house for gay and lesbian athletes and their friends and families,” and organizer Dean Nelson as saying, “It has never been done before. But since we’re touching it, everyone is like, ‘Yea, you run with it.‘”

However, the encylopedic web site, which reports on LGBT issues, notes that the “1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta offered, for the first time, a Gay and Lesbian Visitors Center that logged in up to a thousand visitors a day.


Written by lgbtsportsfuture

21/07/2009 at 17:27

4 Responses

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  1. Once again it’s a pity that some good ideas just can’t be supported with slagging them in some way. Perhaps readers might want to find out what PRIDE House really intends doing, and what its future mught be in London, Russia, and so on.


    18/08/2009 at 01:12

  2. Hey Greg… DO YOUR RESEARCH… of course this is a good idea, but not a NEW idea… It has been done before most notably in Atlanta and Sydney. Why do you feel it necessary to ignore FACTS and try to promote the hoax that GLISA invented anything but a novel way steal a Brand: Montreal 2006 created GLISA to validate their own hijacked disaster.
    Please let me once again get the facts out for the search engines to catch again, so you can try and argue with it.
    Montreal walked out of negotiations with the FGG and started their own event WOGs and GLISA to steal a Brand, the GayGames.
    Montreal went bust to ~$4.5mil, as predicted by the FGG, who wanted better financial budget recasting/control.
    Even if Montreal had all of Chicago’s athletes registered, they would still have lost ~$2mil because of indept management.
    It is all on recorded tape as part of the minutes of the meetings.

    Gene Dermody

    18/08/2009 at 05:18

    • Very interesting take on Montreal Gene. It is my understanding that Montreal had Canadian tax money contribution in sponsoring the GayGames in Montreal. Can you imagine the negative uproar had the Montreal organizing committee submitted to the FGG demands. This would have labeled the FGG as an American Imperialist organization —true or false it wouldn’t mater. And hurt the Canadian Gay movement. I heard from a American athletes that he was warned not to attend Montreal or he would be black-balled. It is a shame that the FGG did not have away to work with Montreal and its objectives rather than attempt to sabotage the Montreal games.

      Graham, in BC

      21/08/2009 at 22:41

      • Hello Graham,

        Have you actually SEEN those “FGG demands” or are you basing your comments only on what you heard from Montréal?

        I personally think that the Canadian tax payers would have been more than happy if somebody, ANYBODY, had applied some supervision to the Montréal organizing committee. They would not have had to pay that 5 million dollars deficit from their pockets. I think that THAT really must have hurt the Canadian Gay Movement.

        I also heard once the story about “black-balling”, but I also heard many other stories about the FGG, most of them were hoaxes (see for instance on the other thread ‘merger’ my reply to the statement that the FGG was American). If your story were true, it would horrible indeed. Do you have a proof of that?

        Roberto Mantaci
        Former Co-President of the FGG (2001-2006)
        FGG Honorary Life Member

        Roberto Mantaci

        22/08/2009 at 06:11

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