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future of lgbt sportsIt has been apparent that there has been a major social divide in the LGBT sports community since 2003. Since 1982, the Gay Games united the LGBT athletic community and its supporters every four years with a global multisport and cultural festival. In 2003 plans were announced for a second quadrennial global multisport and cultural event, the World Outgames. Since then, numerous difficulties have been identified in the efforts to sustain both events and the other events in which LGBT sports groups are involved. This blog is intended to allow people to share information about the current calendar and discuss the future of LGBT sports and possible changes to the event calendar, including local multisport events, continental multisport events, and single sport international and national championships.

This site is an independent forum for views on the state of LGBT Sports and the calendar scheduling of LGBT sports and cultural festivals. The administrator will not make any endorsement of any LGBT sports and cultural festivals. Commentators, however, are free to do so, subject to standards of common courtesy and the spirit of good sportsmanship.

To contact the Administrator, email lgbtsportsfuture AT gmail Dot com.


Written by lgbtsportsfuture

20/07/2009 at 15:26

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  1. Thanks for starting this blog on the Future of LGBT Sport and Culture. This topic is important and needs to be discussed by all members of the community.


    21/07/2009 at 15:13

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