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Nominations for 1QE working group sought

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The Federation of Gay Games has put out this call for nominations:

Call for Applications: 2018 One Quadrennial Event Working Group
The Federation of Gay Games assembly and board of directors voted on 8 July 2010 to begin a process of collaboration with GLISA to create a single quadrennial event in 2018.

The exact nature of this event is to be determined by a joint working group composed of five members and the two Co-Presidents from each organisation, FGG and GLISA, under the auspices and approval of both organisations’ boards and general assembly. FGG board and assembly approval is required for any subsequent bylaw changes.

The Federation of Gay Games is seeking 5 Gay Games advocates and leaders in sports and culture to serve on this committee. The application should include all relevant sports, culture, and professional skills. Applications are open to all members of the worldwide community, includng past and present FGG board of directors, assembly members, honorary lifetime members, and volunteers for the Gay Games. The work will include voice and video teleconferences, and a some travel to meetings.

This is an open process and all interested parties are welcome and encouraged to apply to participate in this important working group. The applications will be reviewed by the Federation of Games and 5 people will be elected by a vote of the Federation of Gay Games general assembly using the instant run-off election method .

Help shape our future. For the application and details of the 2018 1QE Working Group, click HERE.

Completed applications must be submitted by 28 October 2010 to and

The call for nominations has been distributed largely through emails, the FGG newsletter and blog, and news media reports. A column in San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter noted the group being formed is not really exactly what the FGG general assembly called for at its last annual meeting this year in Cologne:

The motion, titled “2018 Working Group,” calls for a group to be composed of “five or more members” to be nominated from the general public and voted onto the group by the FGG general assembly in an electronic ballot instant runoff election to be held by November 1.

That’s not quite what is scheduled to happen. The application issued by the FGG board said that the FGG co-presidents (Kurt Dahl of Chicago and Emy Ritt of Paris) will automatically be placed in the group; seven members of the group will be chosen by the Gay and Lesbian Sports Association; and the FGG assembly will vote on only five members of the 14-member working group.


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