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Team Berlin open letter to FGG/Sept. 30, 2009

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Administrator’s note: The following open letter from team Berlin was presented to the Federation of Gay games at the close of a public forum discussion on the future of the Gay Games, held in Cologne, Germany, after the conclusion of the FGG annual membership meeting.

Team Berlin

Team Berlin

Open letter to the Board of the Federation of Gay Games

Berlin, 30.09.2009

Dear members of the FGG board,

Last year we started our campaign – QUALITY NOT QUANTITY – with an open letter to you and the request for an international sports event with an integrated human rights conference every 4 years.

One year later and one world sport event further – it’s clear we strongly renew our position.

We don’t want to be misunderstood… the 2nd World Outgames were a big success for the host Copenhagen and the participants. The games were very well organized with many lovely ideas and hot spots. Many of us enjoyed the 7 days in the north but no matter how hard the host tried to paint a pretty picture – we… the athletes missed numerous friends from all over the world.

It is simply different to celebrate the opening party with a 10 or even 18,000 strong enthusiastic crowd than 5,000. It is different to win a gold medal out of 40 teams than out of 10. We missed the extraordinary feeling that something really special surrounded us. Ask yourself… were you hot for Copenhagen? Are you ready for Cologne? These questions have nothing to do with the hosts. They all did and still do a magnificent job.

We see the diplomatic efforts from both world organizations with the 1st workshop in Copenhagen and now with the 2nd one today i Cologne. We appreciate that, but we also ask you: What can we do to speed up the process?

Let’s talk about dreams, let us go back when everything started… to Dr. Tom Waddell. The first games were called “GAY OLYMPIC GAMES”. The U.S. Olympic Committee forbade Waddell to use the word olympic. But this was more than 20 years ago and was maybe not the right time. Let us imagine… right now is a better time. Let’s try again, let us fight together, FGG and GLISA, to legalize the word GAY and OLYMPIC in the title of our future unique event. Under this title everybody in the world will understand what the games mean and we can show them even more… a sport event that makes a strong statement for human rights.

When we have Gay Olympic Games the circle will be closed. All the ups and down, including the separation would have made sense.

Team Berlin

P.S. Never say never.


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06/10/2009 at 19:56

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