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Outgames 2009: Future world event up in the air

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2 August 2009 coverage from Outsports.

Writer Jim Businski says he gives “high marks to the organizers and volunteers. There are always glitches at every multisport gay and lesbian event, and Copenhagen was no exception. But by and large, the sports were held in quality venues, were well run and played by enthusiastic athletes. It was what I expected. People were playing sports in a beautiful and accommodating city with other gay and lesbian athletes; there was little to dislike (except the outrageously high food prices).”

On the prospects for 2013, Businski writes:

Any city looking to host the event will do a cold financial calculation before committing money (even more so during a global recession) and 5,500 registrants is a weak number to justify a large financial outlay. Antwerp was to have paid GLISA a $209,000 deposit by July 1 but failed, blaming the recession. Van Kampen said that GLISA has alternatives if Antwerp falls through, but would not name them.

Without public money, a future Outgames will have to rely on corporate sponsors, and those were few and far between in Copenhagen. I fail to see how Antwerp would be any better given the low profile of the event and the new global economic realities. The World Outgames will never be held in the U.S. (no government anywhere would give money) or again in Canada (the 2006 Montreal Outgames went bankrupt and left a trail of creditors), so this pretty much leaves Western Europe as the only alternative. GLISA does not have a lot of options.


Written by lgbtsportsfuture

04/08/2009 at 19:17

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  1. Oh well, I guess if you don’t have a lot of options one has to think creatively. But I wonder how anyone but those in GLISA – of whom Mr. Businski is not one – would know. It must be that second-sight that some people seem to have. Wicked! You must’ve made a killing in wise investment options in the recession. Good on ya!!!


    18/08/2009 at 01:15

  2. Hey Greg… I am gonna have a field day taking your GLISA sour grapes posts apart. Buzinski talked to Copenhagen & GLISA people. Are you questioning their veracity of the report? How do you know anything, and why should we believe you? Who are you, and what are your credentials and sources? It is pretty easy to check whether Antwerp paid the outrageous $209k to GLISA, you cannot hide that from the citizens of Belgium.
    We have already seen an Antwerp Eurogames 2007 bigger than CopenHagen 2009 for almost half the price (I competed). What does GLISA bring to the table as a BRAND to make EuroGames prices double… (i.e..increased registration and increase hotel rates)? Nothing according to the CopenHagen Secretariat Report. Why not do your research and address facts instead of emotion?

    Administrator’s note: The Antwerp EuroGames were not bigger than World Outgames Copenhagen in total registrations; the figures are available in the Team Berlin position paper published on this site. The more recent Barcelona EuroGames in 2008 and the 2004 EuroGames in Munich were both larger than the 2009 World Outgames, however.

    Gene Dermody

    18/08/2009 at 05:03

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