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Outgames Wraps Up Amid Uncertainty (EDGE)

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News wrap of Copenhagen Outgames 2:

From the story:

Organizers had billed the Outgames as the “largest sports and cultural event ever in Denmark.” But the actual sports turnout was about 4,000, or half of what the 2006 Outgames in Montreal drew. Montreal itself lost more than $4 million.

The events in Copenhagen were scattered over more than 30 sports that produced less than global-scale tournaments, such as eight basketball teams, 16 figure skaters, 17 martial artists and seven wrestlers. There was scant media coverage outside of reports on the incidents of violence.


Written by lgbtsportsfuture

04/08/2009 at 18:45

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  1. Well, actually, I don’t mean to burst your misinformation balloon (well actually I do) but there were over 6 500 participants in the sports and Human Rights events in Copenhagen. Some sports had disappointing attendance, but organizers went ahead with them anyway. Nonethless organizers said they would be in a revenue-neutral or slightly positive financial situation. We have to wait until all the bills are in to know for sure. (Unless of course the usual negative voices already know the financial results before the organizers do.)
    Violence seems to happen wherever people gather, and I wonder what difference that makes to participating in such an event. You could be holding hands with your boyfriend as you’re walking down your street and get bashed.


    18/08/2009 at 01:09

  2. I wrote about the World Outgames in my B.A.R. column and the numbers of paid registrants Copenhagen organizers reported to me were about 4,000 athletes registered, 4,400 sports and cultural registrations if athletes registering in multiple sports are counted, and about 5,500 total registrants for sports, culture and conferences. I have not seen any official reports from Copenhagen indicating 6,500 participants.

    I have not heard anyone project a large deficit; any of the comments regarding final budget figures were at worse only for a very small loss, although in fairness it should perhaps be noted that the amount allocated by the city of Copenhagen did increase substantially over the initial commitment, which i turn was based o projections of a higher turnout of attendees than actually materialized. Certainly nobody has suggested anything in terms of the massive deficit the Montreal Outgames had would be repeated.


    18/08/2009 at 02:32

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