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‘One Quadrennial Event’ discussed in Köln

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A public forum discussion on the future of the Gay Games and LGBT sports was held Oct. 2 after the Federation of Gay Games annual meeting in Köln, site of next year’s Gay Games. The session was attended by about three dozen individuals from the Federation of Gay Games member organizations and board, European Gay & Lesbian Sports Federation, the Köln community and representatives of Cleveland Synergy Foundation.

This was the second such public discussion held this year in Europe.

[Administrative update: Official summaries of the two conferences are available here.]

A consensus was reached with the group that it wanted to see the Gay Games be the single global quadrennial LGBT sports and cultural event because that is what it has had the most success with and had the most impact with, and that the Games would benefit from having a conference component smaller in scale associated with it but not necessarily run by it, and that the Games should seek the support of organizations with expertise in the HRC field.In its coverage of the FGG meeting and the public forum, the Bay Area Reporter reported

Six years ago, the LGBT sports world was deeply divided when Montreal organizers walked out on negotiations to host the 2006 Gay Games and said they would launch their own competing global quadrennial event. What they launched was a schism that tore LGBT sports organizations asunder, a money pit in Montreal that lost millions, and calls from thousands of recreational athletes for the political nonsense to end.

Those calls apparently have been answered, and that Grand Canyon of a divide now seems like so last year. What has emerged is a transformed LGBT sports calendar, a reinvigorated and unified Gay Games organization, and the hope of continental games to reach out to would-be LGBT athletes and cultural participants in the furthest stretches of the globe.

The B.A.R. noted the FGG discussed the future of the Gay Games and the online petition regarding that in its meeting:

In a discussion during the regular meeting, assembly members reiterated their belief in the strong focus on sports and culture of past Gay Games as expressed in the 2003 position paper adopted by the FGG and an ongoing online petition that has been signed by more than 300 athletes and artists from 14 countries, including six past FGG presidents or co-presidents, 10 honorary lifetime members, and more than 15 current or former members of the board or assembly.

And from the public forum:

An open letter from Team Berlin to the FGG board noted of the sub-par numbers at the World Outgames, “It is simply different to celebrate the opening party with a 10 or even 18,000 strong enthusiastic crowd than 5,000. It is different to win a gold medal out of 40 teams than out of 10. We missed the extraordinary feeling that something really special surrounded us.” Noting GLISA and the FGG’s efforts to resolve their differences, Team Berlin asked, “What can we do to speed up the process?”


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