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Petition launched to keep Gay Games sports focus

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Discussions and documents on this board have largely focused on the future LGBT sports calendar, the differing roles of the Gay Games and the World Outgames. Arguments have been put for and against an increased presence of conferences in the Gay Games

Roger Brigham, a California sports journalist active in LGBT sports coaching and the elected chair of the international organization Wrestlers WithOut Borders, whose position paper for that organization as well as a chart of what he thinks the sports calendar should look like are among the materials published on this board, launched an online petition this week asking the Federation of Gay Games to keep its “traditional emphasis on sports and culture” and allow conferences only as a “tertiary activity.”

Citing the participant study that was conducted by the FGG after the 2002 Sydney Gay Games which found that constituents did not want increased parties and conferences, the petition says:

We believe that the sports opportunities and experiences provided by the Gay Games effectively advance the cause of LGBT human rights, empower individuals, change cultural perceptions, unite us multinationally, destroy stereotypes and erode the barriers of homophobia. We believe the opportunities provided by the Games as they have existed in the past are unique and life changing and that attempts to integrate an increased preponderance of conferences and parties into the Games would threaten the continuation of the Games, disrespectfully diminish the prestige and value of the sports and cultural components, strain finite available resources and in the long term be to the detriment of the LGBT sports and cultural communities.

More than 100 persons had signed the petition within 24 hours of its launch.


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