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Need for Gay Games topic of BBC World Radio program

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BBC World Radio had an on air-discussion Wednesday on the need for gay global multi-sport event. Kelly Stevens, Communications Officer for the Federation of Gay Games, represented the FGG. Callers from around the world chimed in. Writer-athletes who called in included Dan Woog, Pat Griffin and Roger Brigham, all of whom said the Gay Games are absolutely necessary.

Critics of the Gay Games argued that they were separatist, although they did not say how. Stevens noted that the Games were inclusive, that many straight people are involved in them and that the Games have been able to change the attitudes of mainstream sports officials wherever they have been held.

Some of the best heat of the discussion came when discussion participants challenged Byron Beck of Oregon who said the resources of the LGBT community would be better served through demonstrations, marches and Pride events. Stevens asked him if he was an athlete and Beck replied that he did not need to be an athlete because he lived where sporting goods companies have their headquarters.

Griffin and Woog challenged Beck on the lack of acceptance and visibility of out athletes in sports as evidence of the need for the Gay games. Brigham focused on the sports experience and benefits LGBT people are able to gain through their sports organizations that could not occur without the Gay Games to bring them together with their fellows to share their experiences.

BBC has a blog for comments on the program. The July 29 podcast is available from BBC World Radio; the games discussion is in the second portion of the program.

To hear just the discussion on the need for global LGBT sports evebts, click here (the discussion starts about one minute into this audio clip) or here.


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