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Future of LGBT Sports conference topic at Copenhagen

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The first day of conferences at the World Outgames in Copenhagen was scheduled to include a panel discussion of the future of LGBT Sports and Culture with a reexamination of the current calendar. SF sports columnist Roger Brigham of the Bay Area Reporter, writing about the conference in advance, reported:

But who will be able to attend the conference was not clear as of press time, because most of the respondents who planned to be in Copenhagen for the Outgames sports competitions were not registered for the conferences. That would be another 1,200 Danish kroner ($230 US), a prohibitive sum for many cash-strapped athletes and organizations.

(Administrator’s note: The column was republished across the United States by EDGE. Interesting to note that in that reprint, the editors used a picture of seven young white men, shirts off. Not necessarily sports related but indicative of a market image).

Anyone who was able to attend the panel discussio is especially invited to post comments here.


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28/07/2009 at 02:50

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